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60s tv, aleister crowley, alfred hitchcock, andy warhol, angela carter, anime, anti-christian, atheism, b-movies, barbarella, bisexual, bisexuality, black-and-white movies, buffy, byzantine empire, callan, campy movies, carlos schwabe, carmilla, cats, cheesy b-movies, clark ashton smith, classic horror movies, classic movies, cowboy bebop, cult cinema, cult films, cult movies, cult tv, cyberpunk, dante gabriel rossetti, dario argento, david cronenberg, david lynch, decadence, edgar allan poe, edward burne-jones, elvira, emma peel, evil willow, exploitation movies, farscape, federico fellini, film noir, fritz lang, gerry anderson, giordano bruno, gothic literature, gustave moreau, hermetic science, high camp, historical fiction, history, history of science, horror, horror movies, huysmans, italo calvino, jean rollin, jean-luc godard, jean-pierre jeunet, jess franco, joan crawford, jonathan creek, jorge luis borges, josef von sternberg, juvenile delinquent movies, kathe koja, kelly link, ken russell, klaus kinski, krimis, lawrence durrell, louise brooks, lovecraft, magic realism, mario bava, marlene dietrich, masaki kobayashi, medieval history, morticia addams, murnau, new weird, nicolas roeg, occult, old horror movies, old movies, paracinema, peter lorre, polygender, pop art, poppy z. brite, popular science, pre-raphaelites, psychotronic cinema, psychotronic movies, pulp, pulp fiction, queer, queer movies, queer theory, renaissance history, robert aldrich, robert altman, robert siodmak, roger corman, roman polanski, russ meyer, sandman, satansploitation movies, science fiction, serial experiments lain, sexploitation movies, sheridan le fanu, shirley jackson, silent movies, spy fiction, stanley kubrick, steampunk, stephen jay gould, sunset boulevard, swinburne, symbolist art, takashi miike, tanith lee, terry gilliam, the avengers, the cramps, the prisoner, tim burton, tim powers, torchwood, transmetropolitan, trash cinema, trashy movies, ultraviolet, umberto eco, val lewton, vampire movies, vintage crime, weird fiction, weird tales, werner herzog, william gibson, x-files, xena
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